Mapping of hospitals in Spain

Our client – ​​a world leader in medical technology and healthcare solutions – had a very basic mapping of hospitals in Spain and their main characteristics. Not having this updated information or the internal resources of each hospital prevented the client from having, in a structured way, the initial picture of how Spain is today (after the pandemic), and future developments.

That is why ANIMA carried out a mapping of Hospitals in Spain regarding the structural resources they have (number of operating rooms, ICU beds, beds on the floor, etc.), as well as the activity they carry out (surgeries performed, types of surgeries, etc.). At the same time, ANIMA will be responsible for periodically updating this database.

Fase 1
Hospital mapping

The Anima team developed a first mapping tool proposal that was validated with the client to determine possible changes or new applicability.

Mapping of a total of 400 hospitals was carried out, thus providing a complete database in relation to the type of hospital and the resources it presents: Level of specialization, number of beds, surgeries performed, etc., and operating room data, like robotic operating rooms, interventions, ICUs, etc.