Autorenting: innovating in a new business model

Our client – a reference bank at a national level, which has started to offer the service of renting to individuals – needed to understand how consumer behavior has changed around mobility and what their perception of autorenting is.

For this purpose, the final objective was to identify profiles predisposed to the purchase of autorenting products to optimize the efficiency of commercial and marketing actions.

Phase 1
Research on profiles of private renting clients

Conducting in-depth interviews with clients to define attitudinal profiles in relation to Auto-Renting and understand the drivers and barriers of each of them.

Phase 2
Validation and generation of proposals with clients

Development of concepts and validation of auto renting proposals defined by the client.

Phase 3
Internal validation of proposals

Realization of focus group with the sales team in charge of the sale to validate the products proposed by the clients and generate new initiatives for an innovative product.