Characterization of different profiles of cardiologists

Our client faced the challenge of understanding and characterizing the different profiles of cardiologists according to their approach to Atrial Fibrillation (AF). Therefore, Anima’s team set out to validate and characterize the different “profiles” of cardiologists and understand their approach to AF and the treatments that they usually prescribe according to the type of patient.

The ultimate goal was to provide the client with actionable insights that would help it tailor its business relationship specifically to each doctor profile, allowing the creation of an optimal business strategy.

Phase 1
Characterize cardiologists’ profiles

Understanding which ideas and aspects are common to all cardiologists, in particular understanding their perspectives on transverse AF. Moreover, an empathy map was used to identify their main priorities and prescription drivers, and an assessment of treatments was carried out.  Finally, the various cardiologist profiles were validated and characterized.

Phase 2
Designing a treatment scheme for AF

A common treatment scheme was designed common to all cardiologists, specifying which treatment they use as a first and second line. A treatment approach was then designed for each cardiologist profile and each patient profile to identify preferences and differences when prescribing treatments. General perceptions about laboratories were assessed to determine whether this can affect the doctor’s selection of treatments.

Phase 3
Identify opportunities

Opportunities were identified to improve the business model relating to all cardiologists regarding medical visits, activities (i.e conferences, Advisory Boards) and the approach to AF. Specific opportunities were also identified for each patient profile and for each cardiologist profile to help the laboratory gain a competitive advantage and encourage the prescription of their treatments.