Innovation in the food supplements market

Our client, a company specializing in food and health, set itself the challenge of reinforcing its current innovation process and filling the funnel in a consistent and structured way, to improve its competitive position.

To do this, a structured and proactive innovation process was carried out with good governance, to identify new market opportunities with a focus on the consumer and their prescribers. The innovation process began in the area of ​​food supplements for 5 strategic categories of its brand (joints and muscles, sleep and relaxation, heart and circulation, digestive wellness and probiotics, detox).

Phase 1
Trend research

A competitive benchmarking was carried out, where an information search was carried out on products, accessories, brands, targets, competitors, trends and rejected proposals (in progress or future) and available studies and on the 5 categories.

Subsequently, trends in complements for the 5 strategic categories were identified.

With this, the existing opportunities in the 5 markets were identified, as triggers for ideation.

Phase 2
Ideation workshop

Initially, a pre-work was carried out to promote creativity, with inspiring references such as detected trends and benchmarks, insights from prescribers and consumers, and internal information available from the channel.

Subsequently, an ideation workshop was held for the ideation of new accessories to feed the innovation pipeline according to consumer profiles and moments of need for each of the 5 categories.

There, ideas were prioritized based on different key variables: feasibility/feasibility, differentiation/impact on the business.

Phase 3
Conceptualization workshop

In the last phase, a workshop was held to detail the selected ideas and convert them into complement concepts, where elements such as naming, claim, key attributes, value proposition, description, etc. were specified.

There, a worksheet was made for each concept where the target to whom they are directed, occasion of use, products that they replace, etc., was included, as well as an illustration that made it possible to visualize the product proposal in an easy way.