Green and ecological solutions

Our client –an important water cycle management company- set itself the goal of becoming a key partner in sustainable management and climate neutrality with the various companies and municipalities with which it collaborates.

For this, it is considered necessary to offer not only efficient water management services (such as the water footprint calculation tool) but also to offer a broader range of services, including solutions to improve the management of climatic events, promote good practices such as reforestation, and develop initiatives for efficient use of resources and their maintenance.

Anima helped the client in the development of internal worksheet that condensed all the key information of the selected green solutions, with the ultimate goal of elaborating a commercial presentation to present these solutions to potential interested clients.

Phase 1
A Development of internal tokens

Worksheet standardization was made, defining the format of the standard file that contains all the key and relevant information to be transferred. These records are validated with the Department Management.

Meetings were set up with the different experts from each of the solutions, to collect all the information and key content that will be used to prepare the files and the subsequent commercial presentation.

Phase 2

Solution bundling

A commercial presentation of the worked on green solutions was prepared to present it, in a visual and structured way, to potential clients.

The structure of the presentation, collecting all the information, is as follows: 1) Contextualization of how these five solutions are a response to the current needs of cities; 2) Main current challenges of municipalities and cities; 3) Detail of each of the solutions and the benefits it provides.