Pet Owner Segmentation

Our client faced the challenge of identifying and characterizing the different segments of owners according to their vital moment, the relationship they have with their pet, their lifestyle, as well as defining the User Journey to detect their pains and gains and their great needs.


The ultimate goal was to identify opportunities and levers of action that would allow them to activate the different consumer profiles, taking into account channels, content, messages, etc. for each identified segment/target.

Fase 1
Identify the segments

Through in-depth interviews with dog and cat owners, user segments were identified, mainly taking into account their relationship with their pet as well as their preferences, information channels, relationship with the veterinarian, relationship with antiparasitics and drivers of use, etc.

Fase 2
Design the User Journey

The User Journey was designed taking into account 4 phases (Decision Making, Acquisition, Learning and Day to Day), identifying micro-moments and insights per phase and per profile. Drivers, barriers and unmet needs were identified in each phase.

Fase 3

Action levers

Unmet needs in the owner’s Journey were detected, designing specific solutions in which the client can add value.

The messages and channels to be activated by profile were detailed: Channels, messages, actions for each of the pet owner profiles identified.