Understanding the impact of the communication campaign

Our client was faced with the challenge of understanding the impact of its new communication campaign, which presented the new positioning of the brand through a novel strategy: launching a positioning for each of the brand’s substantiators, instead of their products.

Anima helped them to understand the footprint left by the campaign through its different actions, as well as to understand the discourse that was being generated around the brand from a multi-channel 360 degree perspective and the impact on the perception and brand image of customers and non-customers.

Phase 1
Understand individuals’ memory of the campaign

The level of memory of the campaign was evaluated in a sample of clients and non-clients with the profile of interest: spontaneous questions out what campaigns individuals remembered seeing in the last month were asked, as well as suggestive questions such as whether individuals remembered specific campaigns of interest and what in particular they found noteworthy.

Phase 2
Understand in-depth the impact of the campaign

3 workshops carried out with clients and non-clients. The impact of the campaign was analysed, as well as the perception and assessment of the different ways the campaign was carried out. A story was then constructed surrounding the customers’ different touchpoints to the campaign, and the new communication strategy was assessed.