Validation of messages of an HIV product

Our client’s HIV product was at a key moment due to the advances and innovations of recent years: beyond the prominence of treatments based on Triple Therapy, the market is changing with the emergence of Double Therapy treatments and the arrival in the very near future of long-acting injectable treatments.

In order to validate this perception, our client has requested the support of ANIMA to obtain a better understanding of the different profiles of existing patients with HIV and how the different available and future treatments are suitable for them.

Phase 1

Drivers of prescription and assessment of alternatives in HIV

The general characteristics of the patient with HIV and of the two target patient profiles to be discussed in the workshops were understood.

The prescription drivers taken into account when starting treatment for HIV in a patient were prioritized.

The attributes associated with the two most relevant drugs in the therapeutic arsenal available for HIV were evaluated.

Phase 2

Validation of rational messages

The level of credibility and differentiation of the different rational messages associated with our client’s product was evaluated.

Spontaneous perceptions about the rational messages transmitted were assessed, considering assertiveness, relevance and impact of the message.

The vision of the specialists was understood when discussing the scientific content shared with them.

Phase 3
Validation of emotional messages

The perception of the specialists regarding the emotional messages that could potentially be used to accompany the product campaigns was understood.