Z Generation Human Revolution

Our client – ​​a major company in the mobility sector – sought to understand the reality of generation Z and their habits and needs regarding mobility.

The Anima team held two workshops with the aim of gaining an in-depth understanding of the values, expectations, habits and lifestyle of the members of this generation, and identifying insights that made it possible to understand their preferences and needs in terms of vehicles of the future and help the company think of new products and solutions.

Phase 1

Identification of the Z Generation

Through the diary of experience and the realization of two workshops, we sought to understand: The concepts associated with generation Z and the level of identification with them, as well as their habits and lifestyle, namely, use of time (routines, sports, relationships), relationship with technology, Social Networks and connectivity.

We also sought to understand the relationship with consumption and with brands: how they consume, what they prioritize, brands they like and dislike, and lastly, their relationship with money.

Phase 2

Relationship with mobility

Based on the knowledge of generation Z, its relationship with mobility was explored, in terms of:

What are their habits like, what do they like to do and how long does it take them to travel, how do they evaluate the current offer of shared vehicles and when do they consider them good options, what are the values ​​and attributes associated with the car, how willing are they to buy a car in the future, and how they imagine the car of the future to be, what its main features and attributes will be.