Defining a new application for patient support

Our client – a leading company in the pharmaceutical sector – needed to know the experience of the patient and caregivers with an application designed for their support and understand the reasons that originate the decision to prescribe it by the health professionals.

The ultimate goal is to design new features of the APP and improve existing ones to adapt them to the needs of patients.

Phase 1
Preparation and internal analysis

Carry out a first analysis of the application at the level of design and usability to detect improvements that can be applied.

Phase 2
Evaluation of the use experience

Understand, through the realization of focus groups, the user’s experience with the application and detect needs not currently covered in terms of content, functionalities, visual image, etc.

Phase 3
Analysis and definition of improvements

Analyze the evaluations of patients and healthcare professionals to detect new functionalities and elements of improvement in the APP.