Domotics: generating solutions for leak management

Our client – a world leader company in the sustainable management of natural resources – was facing the challenge of developing a digital payment solution for the particular client that would allow the detection of water leaks in the home.

Through co-creation sessions with different client profiles, we worked on generating valuable solutions for them.

Phase 1
Identify and understand the main problems of the citizen

Understand the context of the citizen in the management of water in the home and the problems he faces in his day to day, through the realization of guided focus groups.

Phase 2
Detect the main needs and generate new opportunities

Analyze the insights obtained during the focus groups to identify the main unmet needs of the citizen and transform them into actionable opportunities.

Phase 3
Validate specific solutions and generate optimal solutions

Validate the place in the market of solutions proposed by the client, as well as generate new potential solutions in relation to the detection and management of leaks.