Transformation opportunities in AISP and PISP

Our client – a leading banking group in Spain – wants to understand the potential client of the new AISP and PISP services. The final objective sought to understand how to obtain the client’s consent to access the accounts in other entities with which they work and thus be able to become a supplier of valuable offers.

Anima carried out a research study with different types of clients where products were validated and new ones were generated.

Sample and materials

Validation of the sample and preparation of the materials (script of the group sessions and experience diary). Implemented methodologies: Visual thinking, projective images techniques, restrictions and morphological boxes.

Understand, validate and generate

Understanding the opinion of potential clients about the AISP and PISP and the positioning of the bank. Validation of the existing services and generation of new ones aimed at increasing the users’ willingness to give access to valuable information.