Promoting the customer experience in the company

Our client was promoting the design of an Omnichannel Marketing strategy from its Corporate Marketing area. This strategy wanted to focus on increasing the opportunities and qualities of contact with the client and maximizing the information obtained at each of these moments.

The first step to be taken in the company was the training of the different Brand Teams on the importance of the Customer Experience and the definition of an omnichannel strategy. For this, Anima carried out different training sessions with the teams to transfer the concept of Omnichannel in the pharmaceutical sector. Likewise, different communication pills were developed to accompany the training sessions with the ultimate goal of promoting the internalization of the concepts and the adoption of this strategy by the teams.

Phase 1

Educating on Customer Experience and Customer Journey

A theoretical presentation was carried out on the concept of Customer Experience in Pharma and how the Customer Journey tool can serve as a methodology to promote a personalized and multi-channel strategy for each of our clients: What it is, Objectives it pursues, Moments of use and How they are built in terms of Structure, Information and content that must be incorporated, and Final Output.

Phase 2

Disseminate the importance of the Customer Experience

Videos were made, where informative pills were designed and laid out in animated summary video format to transfer the main concepts to be worked on by the teams around the Customer Experience (customer journeys, data-centric company, etc.)

A manual was made for the implementation of customer centricity and customer experience, where: a) a manual was defined with instructions on how to introduce omnichannel: sessions to be held, objective of each session, key concepts to work on and their definition, templates to use, etc.; b) the support templates to be completed throughout the process were detailed.